bid proposals and ON BOARDING

Our bids are created after we’ve completed a walk-through of your space. There’s no lollygagging on this ship, so we’ll send you a detailed bid proposal within one business day after our walk-through.

Here at ShipShape, we recognize that there are often inaccuracies in how bids are made in the janitorial industry — in part because of the huge number of variables. That’s why the bid we send you is the most we would charge, but, at the end of our first month cleaning your space, we will review our real costs to provide our service to you and, if it costs us less than we estimated, we will lower your monthly rate. We think that’s the right and fair way to do business — with transparency and good faith.

That’s right - we reevaluate at 30 days so you get the best service at the best price.

Bid Proposal Front.png

Always In Touch

We want to provide perfect service every time; so we use a simple and convenient online survey, provided through Google Forms, so that you can easily let us know of any changes you would like or if we’re missing something.

The process is simple:

  1. After a set interval of time (you pick how often you hear from us - as little or as much as fits your ideal), you’ll receive a Google Forms survey where you can tell us how satisfied you are and what we can do better.

  2. We compile everything you tell us from all of your surveys into a single file for your company.

  3. Our cleaners will refer to your file on-site to make sure that they are addressing everything you’ve pointed out.

Making your company great is your job. Making your company look great is ours. And we don’t think you should ever have to worry about our job.