Our Goal? Exceeding Expectations.

If it needs to be cleaned, we clean it — because we take responsibility for your space

ShipShape Janitorial is based on the commitment to cleaning services that are reliable, consistent, and customized specifically for each client. We understand that our customers want a smooth and easy experience. So we provide strong management and oversight to ensure that services are delivered to you in a smooth and trouble-free manner.

Office Cleaning & Janitorial

Your office space gets used - and used a lot. We know keeping it clean, efficient and organized is an important job to you, your employees and your clients. Whether clients come to you or employees work hard to keep your business humming, everyone benefits from clean spaces. Keeping your office clean, organized and ready to work is our number one priority. A few things we’re especially proud of are:

  • State of the Art Cleaning for Modern Building Materials

  • Green Certified Products*

  • Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning (Interior and Exterior)

  • Restroom Sanitation

Post-event cleans

Hosting an event? We’ll be there to take care of all the post-party details. We’ll create a one-time bid just for your event based on the size and scope of your event, with special consideration for any additional requirements of your space. Need some snow, leaf or debris removal before your guests start arriving? We got that too.

Short term rental turns/ post construction cleans

From top to bottom, we’ll make sure your guests feel right at home. We’re always looking for ways to improve your business in every way - no matter how you do that. Whether it’s structured weekly turns or last minute cleans before your next visitor comes to stay with you. We’re also around to deep clean and do basic repairs, snow shoveling, and anything else you need.

Hard Floor Services

Most hard floors such as concrete, wood laminate, and vinyl are intended to be protected by a layer of polish. With traffic, this polish is worn off and the floor underneath becomes susceptible to permanent discoloration and damage. We offer stripping, buffing, and polishing services to preserve the appearance and condition of your floor.

Carpet Cleaning

While regular vacuuming removes most dirt, it cannot prevent staining and the accumulation of dirt deep within the carpet. Heavily-trafficked carpeted areas require deep cleaning using specialized equipment and products.